Voting for the same, all the time

Our political system in the UK is designed to split the population, to keep roughly half the population opposed to the other half. With this sort of split,  the powers that actually run the show can pretty much do what ever they want.  Take the EU referendum,  that really did split the population, there can be no argument about that. Both sides end up voting for things they do not want,  as the arguments for each side were pre loaded.  For those that wanted to remain,  you were effectively voting to further the globalisation march of big business,  probably not what many remainers wanted,  but they were voting for other stuff,  but in order to do so had to accept that aspect.  As for the leavers, they had to vote for racist anti humanitarian policies if they wanted to vote against the globalisation policy of the EU’s controlling big businesses.  Both sides were right in their passion for fighing for what they believe, both sides were duped into agreeing to something they did not want. This is how politics works, keep the people divided and keep a majority of people voting for some of the policies that keep us poor and serve big business. People end up voting with fear being a driving force,  fear of poverty,  fear of losing the wealth you have,  fear of losing your job etc.  The stick being used to beat the population with fear always reverts back to money,  and money always leads back to big business and the banking system. They are our masters,  they dictate what we should argue about, what will keep us split as a population. 

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