Two weeks after the Fast

It is now two weeks since the end of my two week fast where all I consumed was water. Eating is now back to normal, my heart rate is back to normal, and energy wise, I have loads. I am now eating everything I used to eat, but as much as possible it is organic. Now that I have done the full detox, I don’t really want to fill the body with rubbish again. Having said that it was the start of the six nations championships yesterday, and I ate a load of cheese and crackers and a few bottles of beer. However I have been in calorie deficit since the fast; that is I am still consuming less than my body is using. Although I am still not eating enough to run my body I am still gaining weight, replacing glucose reserves in the muscles etc, but still burning fat. Looking back at the stats from my previous fasts, the first one I did I lost 12.1kg and then gained 5.6kg afterwards, giving a net loss of 6.5kg. The second fast I lost 13.4kg and then gained 7.9kg giving a net loss of 5.5kg. That second fast I completely lost it on after a few days of eating again and over did things. With this fast total loss was 13.1kg and the gain has been 3.2kg. My eating has been much more controlled and I feel much better, and the bonus is I have still not got the cold that the rest of the family have had.

Looking back on my fast the stand out thing for me was when my body started to react to the cleaning gel I put on my hands and the washing powder residue on my clothing. My interpretation of this is that your body does not normally have the resources to repel these chemicals. With enough resources freed up, your body has the resources to clear out more threats. Knowing that the slightest chemical contamination can affect the body has made me more aware of what I eat and what I come in contact with. Just because your body is not reacting to it does not mean it is not having a negative effect, it just means the body is not coping with it and perhaps not able to metabolise the chemicals, therefore the residue is just stored. It is that gradual increase of ‘stored chemicals’ that will have a negative effect on your health. Slow poisoning, there is no long term studies on this, but so much evidence that this is a major health issue, purely on the amount of people that have a turn around on their health when detoxing with whatever method they use and the change of diet, by cutting out the rubbish.

My next goal is to get my weight down to under 90kg. I am to maintain a calorie intake of 1500 to 2000 during week days and 2000-3000 at weekends. If I manage to maintain that it should take eight weeks to hit my target but I will give myself to Easter which is 10 weeks. I may do another blog update then on this subject.

Weight today 97.7Kg, water drank today is 1.5 litres. Resting Heart Rate is 67 BPM. Calories consumed 2400.

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