Giving up food


I first did a fast to detox and improve my health, the results were quite amazing. The next year I repeated the exercise as it was such an enjoyable experience, (it really was). It is now more than three years since that last fast, and having had an overindulgent Christmas, (as usual) I felt it time to repeat the process to reset the body.


There are all sorts of fasts that people do, but the process I am following is taken from the book The Joy of Perfect Health by Tom Chalko, ( ). Basically I am not going to eat anything for two weeks, I may do three weeks but I will see how things are at the two week mark. All I will be having is about three to four litres of filtered water a day. There is an option for up to three teaspoons of honey dissolved in water each day if needed. The first time I did a fast I had the honey for most of the first week. The second time I did the fast I only used it on days 3 and 4, which tend to be the problem days, but I will go into detail on that when I get there. I will see how it goes this time but I don’t think I will need the honey.


I ate my last meal at lunch time today. I helped cook dinner for the rest of the family this evening which was not too torturous. From experience I know it will be worse tomorrow. Roll on day 5, it is plain sailing from then on.


Starting weight is 107.6Kg. I expect my weight to fall to about 90-93Kg after two weeks and level out at 95-98Kg once eating has started again. I will update my blog each day of the fast.

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