Eating again!

When I woke this morning I felt fairly good, in fact I felt that I could continue with the fast for a few more days, but my decision to end was already made. I had a pint of water to start the day followed by a plain active yogurt, (a small one). It tasted fantastic, I savoured every spoonful. Five minutes after I felt a bit sick. It is a slow frustrating process getting the body used to food again. On one had I am desperate to taste everything, but I have to go slow as the digestive system has been shut down for two weeks. This week will take far more will power than the 14 day fast. After breakfast, pick up one or two extra things from the shops that I will need this week. For lunch I had a quarter of melon and pineapple whizzed up into a smoothie. I was just going to have pineapple but I thought it might be a bit too intense, hence the melon. It made just over a pint, which I drank slowly enjoying the sweetness hit, it was bloody marvellous. I didn’t feel too bad after. It is funny, the hunger has not come back yet, but the desire to taste is off the scale. I finished off my new love affair with food with a glass of Kefir in the evening. Kefir is a cultured milk drink, it has loads more live cultures than yogurt. The idea is to get the digestive system up and running as fast as possible, the yogurt and kefir are added to the needed bacteria in the system.

Weight today 94.6Kg, water drank today is 3 litres. Resting Heart Rate is 80 BPM

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