Day two after the fast

Food wise it was almost the same as yesterday. Again today I felt a bit queasy after the plain yogurt for breakfast, so I will cut that out tomorrow and slot it in somewhere else during the day. I had two of the pineapple and melon smoothies, one for lunch and one for dinner. I also had a mid-afternoon orange smoothie.

Judo coaching this evening was physically hard, I would say harder than last Thursday. My energy levels have a lot of recovery still to make, but I can’t force the food intake, I have made that mistake in the past. After judo I had a small bottle of kefir. That stuff is so expensive in the shops, £1.60 for 250ml, outrageous. I have therefore ordered some Kefir granules  so I can make my own, for an outlay of £3.50 on ebay this will be cheap for an endless supply. The granules are live, and the more you use then the bigger your supply of granules get, and the larger quantities you can make in one go.

Looking forward to tomorrow, it is the introduction of some hot food.

Weight today 94.5Kg, water drank today is 2 litres. Resting Heart Rate is 80 BPM

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