Day three & four after the fast


Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, I got how late and did not have time to write it, so a double write up today.

Yesterday I saw the introduction of hot food; leek, sugar snap pea and spinach soup to be precise. It was very green, and it tasted wonderful. I had one large bowl for lunch and one and a half in the evening, Breakfast was pineapple and melon smoothie. The fruit smoothis is sitting much easier with me for breakfast. I finished off the evening with a glass of Kefir once again. My Kefir granules arrived today so I set them to work on a a quarter pint of unhomogenised milk, (that is the old fashioned milk that has not been messed about with, where the cream gathers at the top), it is surprisingly hard to find. I finished off the day drinking many cups of Earl Grey Roobios tea chatting to a friend.

Today with my energy levels still quite low, and that fact that I had a slight pang of hunger for the first time, I decided to get more direct carbs to see if this would make a difference. I kicked off with the now standard fruit smoothie, Pineapple and mango today. I then dismantled the bed as we are having a new one delivered today. Bed dismantled, room cleaned and just in time as the delivery van arrives. Very excited as we have been waiting three weeks for the bed and mattress, but we could have done with a new one years ago! Anyway, apparently not all the boxes had been loaded at the depot, so I was a box short, the delivery guys said sorry, they don’t load it and it was the third one that day already with an incomplete order. I would have to call the customer services number and sort out the delivery with them. That call did not go well. To cut a long story short, the company is in a mess with no communication between departments, and it could be a long time before the box arrives. Top tip avoid Bensons for Beds at all costs. It is a good job we have a spare room with a suitable bed.

Back on track, to get the carbs up I opted for sweet potato. I made soup again, making it as easy as possible for the digestive system. Leek, sweet potato and coconut, my God, it was good. That was lunch and dinner, something I will have to make again, perhaps with a bit of chilli and some smooth peanut butter added to the mix.

My kefir culture was a total disaster, the yogurt maker is too hot for it, so I will have to leave it out to ‘cook’ at room temperature, unfortunately our house being over 700 years old is not the warmest of places, so our room temperature may not be warm enough. We will see, another batch is under way.

I started to look at my calorie intake for the week, Monday was 424, Tuesday 621, yesterday 815 and today 952. Although I am still in major calorie deficit my weight is rising, as I said at the start I recon it will end up around the 97-98kg mark.

Big day tomorrow, proper solids!

Weight yesterday 94.6Kg, water drank today is 3 litres. Resting Heart Rate is 80 BPM

Weight today 95Kg, water drank today is 2 litres. Resting Heart Rate is 80 BPM

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