Day 6 after the Fast

Eating wise soup and smoothies made up most of today, but I ended my eating journey today with a detox salad. I am getting more veggies into the diet now and cutting back the fruit. My breakfast smoothie this morning was raw beetroot, sugar snap peas and a banana. This is something I would normally have for breakfast at times anyway. The smoothies I try and keep to the ratio of 70-80% veg and 20-30% fruit. However I have been enjoying a mid-afternoon smoothie made from 4-6 clementines, which I will keep going just to maximise the vitamin C, to try and fight the cold everyone around me seems to be going down with.

During the two last days of the fast, or the dark days of the fast as I think of them, I spent my time reading, or rather fantasising over recipe books, websites and You Tube videos. I have discovered many new recipes to add to my diet, and learnt quite a bit about cooking techniques. It was a very fruitful two days. One of the recipes that came from this weekend of fantasy was the detox salad. I made this last night in preparation for today to let the flavours infuse overnight. The recipe can be found here.

The detox salad consists of broccoli cauliflower, carrots, sunflower seeds, fresh parsley, raisins, fresh lemon juice and kelp powder. Served with a drizzle of maple syrup, it was wonderful, and I have enough for another couple of meals. In addition I nicked a couple of chips at dinner time, they did taste good!

My heart rate continues to fall, as I said yesterday, in correlation to my rising hunger.

Weight today 95.3Kg, water drank today is 3 litres. Resting Heart Rate is 76 BPM. Calories consumed 1,208.

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