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Voting for the same, all the time

Our political system in the UK is designed to split the population, to keep roughly half the population opposed to the other half. With this sort of split,  the powers that actually run the show can pretty much do what ever they want.  Take the EU referendum,  that really did split the population, there can be no argument about that. Both sides end up voting for things they do not want,  as the arguments for each side were pre loaded.  For those that wanted to remain,  you were effectively voting to further the globalisation march of big business,  probably not what many remainers wanted,  but they were voting for other stuff,  but in order to do so had to accept that aspect.  As for the leavers, they had to vote for racist anti humanitarian policies if they wanted to vote against the globalisation policy of the EU’s controlling big businesses.  Both sides were right in their passion for fighing for what they believe, both sides were duped into agreeing to something they did not want. This is how politics works, keep the people divided and keep a majority of people voting for some of the policies that keep us poor and serve big business. People end up voting with fear being a driving force,  fear of poverty,  fear of losing the wealth you have,  fear of losing your job etc.  The stick being used to beat the population with fear always reverts back to money,  and money always leads back to big business and the banking system. They are our masters,  they dictate what we should argue about, what will keep us split as a population. 

Giving up food – day 4

Well today has been a mixed bag, this morning I felt dreadful, dehydrated again, minor irritation from the smell of toast, but I found it hard getting the water down, just didn’t feel like it. It took until lunch time until I started feeling better again. The hunger feeling is gone now, however I still want to taste things and I have stopped myself picking at things a couple of times today. I cooked dinner for the family tonight, Russian Fish Pie, and as I am a vegetarian there was no impulse to taste here.

I went out to do my Judo coaching this evening, the light activity was not a problem.

Water consumption increased greatly during the afternoon and evening, and I will drink before going to bed, it means getting up in the night as it goes through quite quickly but I don’t want the dehydration problem again. I will probably have a drink when I get up as well, just to be on the safe side.

Weight today 102.7Kg, water drank today is 5 litres.

Giving up food – day 3

This morning, day three of my fast was really hard, I felt rubbish and the smell of toast was killing me. I think I was a bit dehydrated as after a couple of pints of water I started feeling much better and the hunger died away. Something I found during my research before I tried my first fast was that the hunger and thirst response from your body is the same, or rather very similar. Many times that you feel hungry, your body may just need liquid. Top tip for weight loss, if you feel hungry then try drinking a pint of water first then give it 20 minutes, you may find that the hunger has subsided.

The headache has died down and is almost gone which is a very good sign, this has happened on day four of the last two fasts I have done, therefore my body is adapting quicker this time. Another factor which could contribute to this is, that I have been a vegetarian for the last couple of years. This factor means, how can I put it, means that I have cleared out quicker.  I don’t really want to go into more details! I am feeling much better this evening than I did this morning, I even cooked dinner for the family which was no problem whatsoever.

I even went out a walk today, although it was only two miles. I felt a little light headed running up some steps on the walk, so I will have to take things easier over the remaining fast. The lightheaded feeling does worry some people, but ultimately it is my body, my decision to do this, and I do know my body quite well. I know the limits you can push your body from my years of sport and training at a national level, you get used to it. The lightheaded feeling comes when working  anaerobically, such as running up stairs, as there is so little readily available fuel in the body it struggles to make it quickly, so you run out! However there is no problem with aerobic exercise, with the body running of fat, this is a slower process but there is a lot of fuel on board, fat is a very rich source of fuel. Therefore a long walk or even a long jog, is not a problem, it is when the body works hard, such as running hard, walking up hills and stairs quickly etc.

I think I may be over the worst bit already, well I hope so, we will see tomorrow.

Weight today 103.7Kg, water drank today is 4.5 litres.

Giving up food – day 2

As expected, it has been a bit harder today, but nowhere near as hard as the previous two fasts that I have done. The will power I needed on the first fast I did, for the first few days was immense. However, being very ill at that time, wanting to get better and get my life back was the source of the motivation.  Being ill back then made the hardships of the first few days of the fast a bit easier, I mean I did not feel great anyway! This time around the hunger is not as bad, however I have had to stop myself picking at food a few times, a pile of grated cheese  in the kitchen, hand swoops down to pinch a bit, its habit more than hunger. What is hard though is the headache. This has come on a bit sooner than the last couple of fasts, but this is a good sign. The brain only works from one energy source, that is glucose, when the glucose runs out the brain complains a bit and switches on the back up, but this takes about 72 hours to fully get going. The back up is the body breaking down fat as a glucose substitute. This metabolic state that the body transfers to is called Ketosis, ( ). Once ketosis fully kicks in the fast becomes easy. The fact that the headache has started already means that my body has already started the switch over which is good. The downside, apart from the headache is that I feel tired, not physically tired, but sleepy tired so it will be an early bed for me this evening.

Weight today 105.5kg, water drank today so far is 3.5 litres.

Time to wake up

For all those that believe the UK made the wrong decision to leave the EU, you have no worries, I believe it will not happen. I said right at the start of the campaign it is a pointless vote for whatever the outcome we would not leave. The whole point of the vote was to split the population, get everyone fighting each other. A divided nation is easier to contol and easier to push through unpopular policies while we are distracted spewing hatred at one half of the population. Both sides in the campaign used fear to beat the electorate to their way of thinking.

The decision to start the process has already been deferred until at least October. With splits in both political parties being deliberately engineered we will now get splits within the splits fragmenting the population even further, thus allowing greater control. Come October there will be further delays in starting the leave process, possibly an election, a finacial crisis, or simply an independent commission will be set up to look at the leave process for the UK to report back to parliament in say another 12 months, and so on, we all know how these things go. Anyway before you know it another government is in power and quite simply, that referendum was nothing to do with us, we were voted in on a pro EU stance so we are staying. That is how our world works, at the end of the day we had no choice in the first place, but we have the illusion of chaos now, our media is seeing to that. The blatant lies are still flowing from both sides and our media instead of questioning the lies simply fan the flames. If we are in or out it makes no difference, we were effectively given the choice of two corrupt political systems that both serve big business, what choice was that? Our political system is a dictatorship, the party political system is a dictatorship dressed up as democracy. We vote for a member of parliament who has to do what their leader says. Those who step out of line are destroyed by the media and are labelled right of left wing extremists. That is our world today. We need to stop fighting each other through the fear generated by our politicians and media, we need to think for ourselves. If you are acting through fear you are being manipulated, wake up,  be responsible.

Does history repeat?

I wrote and had this published a couple of years ago, (one of the few articles I actually got paid for). It was in Bull!TThd an online mag. The issue I was in is no longer available online. The remit for the article was the ‘financial future’. So I wrote about the past!

Oh no not the financial bit, how dull? If you don’t want to read it all, I can sum this up for you now and save you a few minutes. We have extreme poverty coming to our financial future, perhaps a revolution and then prosperity like you have never imagined. Time scale? No idea. How do I know? It is because man forgets and greed makes him do the same thing time and time again.

History repeats it’s self all the time, differently of course but the essence is the same. Take ancient Rome for example, they were economically very successful. That success brought them great armies, conquered lands and in turn the wealth and slaves from those lands. The farms in Rome prospered even more with this cheap labour, but put many Romans out of work. Eventually the farms collapsed as the tribute of free grain came pouring in from the empire. How can you compete with free? It was left to the state to feed its unemployed citizens as there was no work for the masses. This was done in the form of free bread. Of course entertainment was provided to keep them happy in the great Coliseum. The similarities with today’s Western world is there to see, cheap products brought from overseas, production moved to those who will do it for less, welfare systems for the out of work, and finally television and the internet to keep people amused. However this all comes at a price, the Roman senate ordered the Silver mines to produce more, and this flood of extra silver created inflation, in a bid to keep up with inflation cheaper metal was mixed with the silver in the coins to make them go further. At the fall of the Roman Empire, the Roman silver denarius contained almost no silver at all, worthless to the invaders. We have already tampered with our coinage and cheaper metals are now used compared with thirty years ago.

We have gone one stage further and created electronic money from nowhere, this modern day printing press is called quantitative easing. Quantitative easing is not a new idea, the recent bouts of quantitative easing by the Bank of England was in fact the fourth time that the Bank has resorted to these measures. The first episode was in 1797 and actually helped to found our modern money system. The second time was in 1825 and the third time was in 1915. On each occasion the government had overspent. On each occasion there followed a period of above average inflation, although it was very different every time. For example following 1797, inflation hit 36%, (a UK record), but it then alternated between high inflation and high deflation for 15 years. In 1915 there followed six years of high inflation averaging 17% per annum.

The common trait through all these episodes was that government did not have enough money to cover what it wanted to spend. This time many blame the banks for our problems, but the banks were only the catalyst that got it going. Who do you think it was that leant so much money to the government? The government needed money. We like having schools, welfare, police, nice roads, pleasant parks and lots of doctors and nurses to make us well again. Like the Roman Empire supplying bread, we do not have the money to pay for this, but it is what we the people want and expect. Those of you reading this are the luckiest people in history. When you go to bed at night you are warm and dry, whatever the weather, you have clean clothes and bed linen, when it comes down to it you have a bed! This has only happened in recent history. Are we at the pinnacle? Is it downhill from now on? History would suggest that we have a big downhill coming up, however that has to be done before we climb the mountain on the other side. All the down hills have led to great achievements for this country. Post 1797 we beat the Napoleonic superpower, post 1825 the UK became the world industrial super power, post 1915 we fought and overcame a devastating war. There is a lot of financial pain to come, but it is something that each generation has to do because the pain of the previous generation is lost and gone. Humans learn best when they experience things for themselves, so we need to go through it to grow and learn. So what does the future for us look like? Well the pain is still to come, we borrowed ourselves out of a recession that should have happened in 2000, and continued to borrow when not in recession, and we have yet to take the medicine to get better. I mentioned government spending as a common trait, there is another one that has been greatly amplified in the current climate; that is greed. Greed and man go hand in hand. Greed will ensure that we do get the fall, it does not matter how clever banks, governments and their rules are, greed will always find a way as people take what they can. Things will tip, and the longer it takes the bigger the fall will be. The future will have a very grim financial period, at the worst total economic collapse. Imagine life without money for a period of time? That happened in Russia following the breakup of the USSR. A barter system was the norm for a couple of years. The Russians survived and some got very rich. That is a good example of greed taking advantage of the situation, as people are now, the rich are getting richer and the middle classes poorer, the poor are still poor but they have iphones now. As the wealth gap widens and the debt situation motors on the outcome will be more extreme. The future is always down to us, it is what we want to make it. When it is forcibly taken away we will have no choice for a time, and out of that will come something very special, something our generation will cherish as they remember the dark days, something that will be taken for granted by the next generation and then destroyed by the one after that.

Voting on the EU exit is pointless and a distraction

Everyone knows that the majority of the world’s wealth is owned by just 1% of the population. If you don’t, you do now. Some people are also aware that it is just a tiny proportion of that 1% that own the majority of the wealth, according to research by Oxfam it is just 62 individuals. This report drew heavily from the Credit Suisse Wealth Report which looks at the data supplied by the Forbes rich lists. When you take this information in relation to research presented in New Scientist in October 2011 with their article ‘Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world’ this shows that a very small group of companies have control of 40% of the worlds wealth, and significant influence on a further 40%. The rate this small group are accumulating wealth has increased significantly over the last few years, almost in direct correlation to rate at which the poor and middle classes are getting poorer. These published figures only document the wealth that is shown. As we have seen from the Panama papers, the super-rich have much of their wealth hidden as they don’t like paying tax and they don’t want people finding out what they have.  Taking this into consideration the proportion that this small group of super-rich own and control of the worlds wealth is probably much, much higher, personally I believe it is over 80%, but that that is just a guess, but it is based on too many hours research and reading. Just taking the very conservative figure of 50% of the wealth owned by this small group, means that 50% of every single hour you have worked in your life has been for the benefit of those few. Let that sink in, this is really important. This figure is probably higher of course.

Just wait until the new automation systems and artificial intelligence hits the business world, you will see employment tumble and the wealth of the supper rich accelerate like never before. Business will not be able to be stopped, TTIP will see to that. In the UK we are being fooled by our politicians, they tell us that our beloved NHS will not be subject to TTIP, hooray we all say, they are good at protecting us, but TTIP goes on anyway but we feel protected because be beat the system and the NHS is safe. It is just another distraction. The NHS is just another funnel to transfer money to the super rich, the funnel already pours money to them by the billion.

The systems of the world are all designed to funnel wealth to this small group of people, with political, legal, business and monetary systems all feeding the rich, they of course run and have designed these systems. TTIP is just a bit of an insurance policy they are putting in place just in case we wake up and realise that it is not fair, it will be too late by then. There is only one way to return equity to the population of the world, and that is for the population to be united. This will not happen at present whilst we still believe and trust our current political systems. These political systems do not represent the people, only the rich. The system works for the rich because it divides the population. If you always have half the population disagreeing with the other half then they are much easier to control, divided we fall and all that. The vote on leaving the EU is just another distraction; fear and hatred are now rife, the population up in arms at each other, job done. Whatever happens in the vote, the rich will still get richer, if we vote for leaving the EU, we will pay for it and as a nation we will be punished, and we will be begging to stay in the EU within the year. The EU is much easier to run and influence for the big business as the population is even more divided. We cannot fight the system, for if we fight the system we use the system and it is stacked against us. Protests will not work, the EU are ready for that one, the death penalty was introduced into the EU through the Lisbon Treaty, only for one offence, that is civil disorder, in times of war, but are we not at war now? Protest a bit too actively than the state will take your life, we all agreed to this, well the politicians did, but we are responsible for them. The only action we can effectively take is non-cooperation, do nothing, a strike if you like, or better still an unofficial national holiday. For as long as it needs to be to get the change the people really want.  Just stop doing everything, a peaceful happy time, not confrontational we still care for the sick if we have to, and help those in need. Remember we all work for that small group of super-rich, it is them that we will hurt, they love and need money and power more than anyone on this planet. The state is geared up for confrontation, not peaceful happy people doing nothing. There would have to be unity for people to help each other, but if that unity happened we could change the world, well at least the UK.

Live the perfect life, cut yourself off from society? Breaking the program.

How do you live a life away from the influence of money, without the want and need to be better than everyone else? Many believe that to live this perfect life you need to drop out of society and live in a community detached from our society. It is perceived that this detached community is more righteous, more in line with what God wants. That is not to want more or better things than your neighbour. If you lived in a community that is segregated from society, everyone is dependent on one another for survival, is God then more accessible? In order to survive in this community they have to fit in, perhaps not because they want to but because they have to. So where is God there? The perception is from the big society point of view that that is a more righteous way to live, but fear is the opposite of love, where there is fear there is no connection to God. If the society acts as one through fear of starvation and not being accepted, then where is God? God is blocked by fear. Fear opposes Love. God is love, God is everything and everyone, and we sense it within as we are part of God, we are God. Just the same as your finger is part of you, you are part of God, your finger is part of you it contributes to who you are, it is directly connected to you, as you are to God.

We are born into an empty body that has yet to be programed, your programming begins at day one, and the programs run by the human body super computer are formed by society in which we live. If you can control society then you can control the programming in order for society to behave the way in which you want it to. How is society controlled? Money plays a pretty big part, as does religion. They are the major control mechanisms, which at a deep level everyone knows which is why the perception is that if you lived outside of this society in an isolated community you would be free. Maybe that is the case but there is more to it than that. I will not go into religion here, that has fractured too many relationships between societies and it provokes too much emotion. Instead it is more fitting to look at a more universal unification of man, that is money. Money is not natural, it is something created by man, and everything on this planet is given a monetary value. Everything that we do is given a monetary value. This is all programed in to us from a very early age, it is almost impossible to avoid the programing. Control the money and you control the programming and ultimately people.

Breaking the programing is relatively easy, but at the same time very difficult! It is like opening a giant safe door, it takes a bit of a push to start with, then once it is moving it is harder to stop than it is to keep it moving. To break the programing you have to accept that every part of the program you are running is corrupt and could be subject to change. This is really important, everything could be corrupt. The program that you are currently running has some built in safe guards to stop the programing being altered. When you notice something significant, then it can be extremely scary, and fear floods in, this fear is the opposite of love and therefore puts a bigger block between you and God, and before you know it you are even further away from God. This is probably the biggest hurdle to get over, but by being aware of it you are already past the hardest bit. As each part of the program is chipped away, the fear diminishes, but this is also mixed with anger and frustration, which again is opposing love and therefore blocking your connection to God. It is a constant refining process, which gets easier and easier. As we are all connected to God, and are part of God, the more people that break the programing the easier it gets for everyone else to do the same. There will come a point, a tipping point when the corrupted programing will instantly all fall apart, but we are a little way from this just yet.

Remember, every part of the program you are currently running could be corrupt, and once broken, just to make things really difficult, the replacement program could also be corrupt! You have to be able to accept the seemingly impossible as potential to replace the corrupt programs, it may not make sense, but that’s because you are analysing things with a corrupt program!  All I can say is it gets easier and easier, and as the bad programs fall away life and people get more fantastic. When you realise that the ‘bad’ people in the world are only bad because of the program that they are running, the same corrupt programs you were running, then forgiveness becomes easier and easier. More importantly your own forgiveness gets easier and easier. All the so called ‘sin’ was not your fault, there is no need for the guilt that is weighing you down, it has just been the dodgy programs. Once the programs start being broken, mankind no longer looks ‘evil’, you start to see the true person beneath the program, you so wish to help them, but you cannot do it for them, that’s their decision, their free will.

Living in the world when you have started to break the programs is quite strange and wonderful at the same time. You see so much different from many other people and once the fear, anger and frustration starts to die off you start to see what heaven on earth could be. You start to see the perfect balance of everything on this planet or how it could be, how it will be. It is all so simplistic. You find and meet other people who see this and you know then that you are not going mad, although if this is madness I will take madness anytime.

This new truth of the world that becomes part of your knowledge is not the truth, it is only a current representation of your understanding of your world and your part in it. There is only one truth, one constant and that is love. Love is God and God is love. All truth converges at this point. Your perception of reality is a snapshot of this journey. As you break the barriers to God that you have built up, or break the programming, your world changes. Each change does not reveal the truth, it is just a stage closer to the truth, but nevertheless it will still be true to you. Everyones reality is true to them, some are well and truly staked to the spot, that stake is a comfort, something to hold onto, a constant in life, but it is a fixed point or rather a corrupt program to which they cling to. Love is the only truth, all paths eventually lead there. Love is infinitely patient, love will wait and be there for you always. It is your journey. You cannot explain what love is, it is impossible to represent in word spoken or written. The only way to represent love is in your being, reconnecting to God, being at one with God, being a pathway for the light of love to shine.