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A haircut and fake news

I went to get what little hair I have left cut this morning. Whilst waiting I picked up one of The Sun newspapers that were lying around and had a quick read. The issue was from 7th July and the front page headline was that there is a butter shortage and prices are going to increase. They put the shortage down to increasing demand due to studies now saying butter is not bad, and to the Great British bake off sparking an increase in home baking. I put that copy down and picked up todays copy, and a little way into the rag I read the headline ‘Floggy Bottom’, sales of cake ingredients down 27m. Supermarkets are reporting a fall in cake making ingredients, a 12% fall. over the last year. I don’t know why I am surprised, the Sun is pretty much a work of fiction inspired by what is going on in the world. Although the Sun maybe the joke newspaper that the ‘Great British people love’ it is still promoting the agenda for the billionaire owner, whatever that is. The same goes for all the other newspapers, the spin is always in the interests of the billionaires. I find it much more interesting and significant the news the papers and media don’t follow and report on. You have to dig a little deeper into the depths of the internet but it is there, and when you find it, you just don’t get why this is not on the BBC or front page headlines. The site that carry this new might be obscure, but the sources are all mainstream, government agencies and the like, which makes it all the more incredible that we don’t see it on the news. However the rise in butter prices for fictional reasons makes the front page.