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Live the perfect life, cut yourself off from society? Breaking the program.

How do you live a life away from the influence of money, without the want and need to be better than everyone else? Many believe that to live this perfect life you need to drop out of society and live in a community detached from our society. It is perceived that this detached community is more righteous, more in line with what God wants. That is not to want more or better things than your neighbour. If you lived in a community that is segregated from society, everyone is dependent on one another for survival, is God then more accessible? In order to survive in this community they have to fit in, perhaps not because they want to but because they have to. So where is God there? The perception is from the big society point of view that that is a more righteous way to live, but fear is the opposite of love, where there is fear there is no connection to God. If the society acts as one through fear of starvation and not being accepted, then where is God? God is blocked by fear. Fear opposes Love. God is love, God is everything and everyone, and we sense it within as we are part of God, we are God. Just the same as your finger is part of you, you are part of God, your finger is part of you it contributes to who you are, it is directly connected to you, as you are to God.

We are born into an empty body that has yet to be programed, your programming begins at day one, and the programs run by the human body super computer are formed by society in which we live. If you can control society then you can control the programming in order for society to behave the way in which you want it to. How is society controlled? Money plays a pretty big part, as does religion. They are the major control mechanisms, which at a deep level everyone knows which is why the perception is that if you lived outside of this society in an isolated community you would be free. Maybe that is the case but there is more to it than that. I will not go into religion here, that has fractured too many relationships between societies and it provokes too much emotion. Instead it is more fitting to look at a more universal unification of man, that is money. Money is not natural, it is something created by man, and everything on this planet is given a monetary value. Everything that we do is given a monetary value. This is all programed in to us from a very early age, it is almost impossible to avoid the programing. Control the money and you control the programming and ultimately people.

Breaking the programing is relatively easy, but at the same time very difficult! It is like opening a giant safe door, it takes a bit of a push to start with, then once it is moving it is harder to stop than it is to keep it moving. To break the programing you have to accept that every part of the program you are running is corrupt and could be subject to change. This is really important, everything could be corrupt. The program that you are currently running has some built in safe guards to stop the programing being altered. When you notice something significant, then it can be extremely scary, and fear floods in, this fear is the opposite of love and therefore puts a bigger block between you and God, and before you know it you are even further away from God. This is probably the biggest hurdle to get over, but by being aware of it you are already past the hardest bit. As each part of the program is chipped away, the fear diminishes, but this is also mixed with anger and frustration, which again is opposing love and therefore blocking your connection to God. It is a constant refining process, which gets easier and easier. As we are all connected to God, and are part of God, the more people that break the programing the easier it gets for everyone else to do the same. There will come a point, a tipping point when the corrupted programing will instantly all fall apart, but we are a little way from this just yet.

Remember, every part of the program you are currently running could be corrupt, and once broken, just to make things really difficult, the replacement program could also be corrupt! You have to be able to accept the seemingly impossible as potential to replace the corrupt programs, it may not make sense, but that’s because you are analysing things with a corrupt program!  All I can say is it gets easier and easier, and as the bad programs fall away life and people get more fantastic. When you realise that the ‘bad’ people in the world are only bad because of the program that they are running, the same corrupt programs you were running, then forgiveness becomes easier and easier. More importantly your own forgiveness gets easier and easier. All the so called ‘sin’ was not your fault, there is no need for the guilt that is weighing you down, it has just been the dodgy programs. Once the programs start being broken, mankind no longer looks ‘evil’, you start to see the true person beneath the program, you so wish to help them, but you cannot do it for them, that’s their decision, their free will.

Living in the world when you have started to break the programs is quite strange and wonderful at the same time. You see so much different from many other people and once the fear, anger and frustration starts to die off you start to see what heaven on earth could be. You start to see the perfect balance of everything on this planet or how it could be, how it will be. It is all so simplistic. You find and meet other people who see this and you know then that you are not going mad, although if this is madness I will take madness anytime.

This new truth of the world that becomes part of your knowledge is not the truth, it is only a current representation of your understanding of your world and your part in it. There is only one truth, one constant and that is love. Love is God and God is love. All truth converges at this point. Your perception of reality is a snapshot of this journey. As you break the barriers to God that you have built up, or break the programming, your world changes. Each change does not reveal the truth, it is just a stage closer to the truth, but nevertheless it will still be true to you. Everyones reality is true to them, some are well and truly staked to the spot, that stake is a comfort, something to hold onto, a constant in life, but it is a fixed point or rather a corrupt program to which they cling to. Love is the only truth, all paths eventually lead there. Love is infinitely patient, love will wait and be there for you always. It is your journey. You cannot explain what love is, it is impossible to represent in word spoken or written. The only way to represent love is in your being, reconnecting to God, being at one with God, being a pathway for the light of love to shine.